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Santa Barbara, Ca

I'm a full-time rambler and contract designer with as many skill sets in my quiver as there are plane tickets in my passbook. I've worked in ornamental iron, jigsaw puzzle design, bookmaking, glass engraving, and a variety of other mediums. I'm currently living out of a backpack as I trek my way around the world.


Stay in a Treehouse, Because Tarzan Never Slept in a Hotel

Zak Erving

There were no ewoks, unfortunately

It’s now June, and I’m on a three-week-to-who-knows-how-long road trip of the Pacific Coast—and I can say, even this early into it, that staying the night in a treehouse will be one of the highlights of the whole trip.

I’d long heard about the park service watch towers that California and Oregon both advertise, but hadn’t yet made the arrangements to stay in one. So when a friend pitched an idea to me to stay in her aunt’s treehouse in Humboldt County, California, I jumped at the opportunity.

Still no ewoks. I know, I know…

Still no ewoks. I know, I know…

Take the best parts of camping—really, are there any bad parts to camping?—and throw in a few defining amenities of a hotel. Now suspend everything thirty feet into the air, in the middle of a redwood forest, and you’ve got all the makings of the coolest accommodations this side of a floating hostel in the U.K. (I fully plan on visiting this hostel in Belgrade, Serbia, before the end of the year, too.)

Want to give it a go? Check out some of the privately-owned treehouses up for grabs on Airbnb or head over to the website and find out if there are any fire watch towers available near your destination in the United States.